Its everyone's duty to notify the BSAB of any unexpected deaths or serious injuries to any adult with care and support needs regardless of being receipt of services at the time is the mandate under the Care Act 2014. This should be done within 5 days of the death/incident.

How to make a Notification

We've made notifying very easy – it’s an online form which only administrators of the BSAB can access.

The link is - Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) Notification Form (

What happens with the notification?

The SAR Notifications go to the SAR Subgroup members discuss the Notification. If you are the Notifier, you may be asked to attend this meeting to explain your concerns.

How do we decide to commission a SAR?

The SAR Sub group use a Decision-Making Tool (shown below) to make a recommendation, and then the Independent Chair makes the final decision.

SAR Recommendations go to Independent Chair:

All SAR Decisions are made by the Independent Chair (IC) based on the recommendations made from the SAR Subgroup members. This is to be done within 30 days from the time of death.  The IC will write to statutory partners, notifier and all agencies involved to explain the rationale for the review. Including setting parameters for the Terms of Reference.

Information for the SAR:

When a SAR is called, more than likely multiple partners will be linked to the individual.
Some information we may ask for includes:

1.Individual Management Report (IMR) – this is an analysis of practice with the individual.
We have an electronic form that gets   saved and uploaded directly.


Attending Panel Meetings:

Depending on the complexity of the case being reviewed, a professional may be asked to attend the Panel Meetings; answer subsequent queries; and work with us for any conversations that may be needed for clarification (i.e. speaking to staff).

Taking Action:

The SAR recommendations and report will be published on the BSAB Website and shared across the partnership for learning to be embedded.

The BSAB Action Plan is Thematic – i.e. all SARs with Suicide will share the same actions.

The Care Act requires all boards to report in their annual report update on SAR actions, number of SAR's reviewed and commissioned.