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National Safeguarding Adults Board Awards Bexley nominees:


Here is a showcase of the great work going on in the borough to safeguard our residents over the last year, well done to everyone nominated and thanks for your hard work!

“Rebecca has been extremely supportive, always offering assistance and guidance to fellow colleagues and teams. Always putting others first and taking on their concerns and issues and making sure everything is dealt with and resolved. Rebecca is thoughtful, caring respectful, all round genuine lovely person. Thank you Rebecca”

“Debbie has worked really hard to support colleagues and Homecare providers, ensuring providers understand the importance of delivering a safe services. This is particularly with regards to Fire Risk Safety. Debbie has liaised with LFB, setting up group, team and one to one training and support. Debbie then follows up ensuring Providers fully understand the importance of assessing the risks for Fire Prevention. Homecare Providers have really appreciated Debbie's support and import.”

“Maggie has worked in Adult Social Care for numerous years. She always works in a quite unassuming and support nature, whether it is within her own team, her wider Adult Social Care team or with all her partners in Day Care Services or Respite care homes. Maggie also deals with many Management Teams within Adult Social Care and many come to her requesting information and statistics/reports at very short notice. Maggie never fails to present the facts/information requested of her whenever deadlines are set. Maggie herself has a "hidden disability" and  most times she becomes unwell in completing spreadsheets for Management, but she never complains and just gets on with her work. I can speak from personal experience in working closely with Maggie as there are times when a respite placement has broken down and the only option is for the client to either return home early or be moved to another care home at short notice. Maggie has built up such  rapport with our Bexley care homes that she is held in the highest respect and 9 times out of 10, the respite care home will work with Maggie to address the problems and concerns and work out at positive solution for the client. Anyone who ever works with Maggie whether it is internally, families, outside agencies all hold Maggie in the highest respect and I am truly blessed to work with someone who gives me encouragement, support, shares all her skills and expertise and never leaves anyone feeling as though they were wrong to ask a question.”

Carers Support Team “The team support unpaid carers and their cared for in a multitude of ways- from providing respite, a counselling service, social groups, carers and care needs assessments, an information service and welfare benefits support. They are a small team and are absolutely committed to carers and cared for wellbeing.  Day in, day out they work to prevent carers needs escalating and people going into crisis and their support goes beyond a "service." They care, are thorough, really get to know people and their hopes and wants and I believe that their work helps keep carers and the cared for safer and healthier.”

“Anita continues to be an inspiration; Anita has continued to drive forward on several key areas of activity.  This is particularly true to the work that she is involved in/organises in relation to the Bexley Safeguarding adults Board and its multi-agency partnerships.   Anita has, despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, sought to progress the SAB’s agenda which has included significant activity in relation to SAR’s, cross working with SHIELD and other partnership and joint learning enterprises.  She continues to be a powerhouse behind the work of the board which has resulted in a solid, well engaged and robust statutory Board.  In addition, Anita continues to outward look in terms of best practice elsewhere through wider partnerships such as the network. Anita continues to drive her passion for safeguarding our vulnerable adults within our community. Anita continues to be a real asset to the Adult Safeguarding Board team, and we are very lucky to have her.”

“Alex has and continues to update the SAB website to make more user friends and accessible - Alex created a fresh new look to the whole website including adding in new pages such as – think family. Quality checkers, Modern Slavery and ensuring the pages are accessible for searches.  Alex works very hard for the BSAB network and the residents of Bexley by staying focused, clear and raising concerns as they arise. Alex attends meetings on her managers behalf, summarising key challenges and areas where Bexley needs to be showcased locally, regionally and nationally.  Alex undertakes her work with enthusiasm and will go the extra miles to support her team, Alex is a credit to the SAB team.”

“Clare Kennedy is one of my team leaders. However, anyone can take the lead, but Clare is showing others that change is possible when you change your ways of working with each client. Clare always ensures her new or existing clients get the care and support they deserve and take the initiative and concerns with the team and other professionals. We had a lady who came into our crisis after other professionals' support. During her first visit, Clare addressed the client's self-neglecting issues with the professionals. With Clare's immediate safeguarding concerns, we could put equipment in place, urgent medication review and delivery of food of her choice, which she hasn't had for some time.  From cleaning the house to sorting her clothes and providing a clean environment for her to walk around the house safely with her thoughtful approach whilst managing her privacy and dignity. She couldn't sleep on her regular bed due to her condition but arranged a profiling bed within a day or two. Together we managed to provide an improved service. Clare has managed small changes that made her in the situation quickly, but more significant changes; we worked with the local authority to work with this vulnerable lady and plan broken down into a series of steps which will work for the client. The other example is when she made her client's husband go to the hospital when she realised he was not well but not getting any medical attention. She insisted and did not leave the premises until the client's husband called for help. The family is grateful for Clare's encouragement and nagging; the client's husband managed to survive the life-threatening condition. Clare also goes above and beyond for her clients and their extended families and supports her colleagues on how we can overcome safeguarding challenges in our day-to-day caring work. “

TLC Care Provider: “TLC are a care provider who have been working with BEXLEY for many years in which delivery has been excellent. The manager is conscientious and dedicated and passionate about the service her company delivers and will go above and beyond to support her clients. Her leadership skills are exceptional always supporting her staff and defending there, at times very difficult positions. Great leadership skills and a good positive attitude. Bexley have not had any complaints with this service and i believe this is down to the managers determination and care for the people TLC  support. The manager has good relationships with her staff and is approachable so if they do need anything they have the confidence to ask. Through challenging times the manager has remained focused to ensure delivery of care is not impacted and is always available when support is required.”

“Julia, Margaret and Brook are all very supportive and helpful, always providing guidance and assistance to all, including fellow colleagues in the QA team. They are always willing to help and are very caring and thoughtful”

“Hansika and Hazel - have been very proactive putting processes and procedures in place to improve the delivery of service. Especially ensuring auditing/quality monitoring is robust ensuring their care staff are supported in following the processes to keep the service user safe.”

“Mandy manages the Eden Ivy care team. She had worked in the health and social care for many years and had experience working and supporting people in many situations. Mandy's tireless commitment, hard work and single-minded focus on caring for the clients have made a significant contribution to the local community. For Mandy and the team, safeguarding is always front of their mind to confidently spot potential concerns and work on the issues and concerns straight away. There are many times when Mandy, the manager of Eden Ivy, care gone above and beyond to not only able to identify the concerns but, most notably, what safeguarding is. It goes beyond protecting her clients at risk but instead encompasses the overall well-being of those she works with. There are many examples and stories which we have to share with others. One late Saturday evening, one of the unknown ladies called on our On-call phone. Mandy attended the call and was informed by this lady that she had no carers since yesterday evening. When she asked about the name and contact details, the lady wasn't known to Eden Ivy. She was very upset and crying and stated she discharge from the hospital yesterday. The hospital told her that she would have carers to support her when she was released back home. After talking to the lady, evidently clear that she has no information about which care company will come to see her. She also stated that she called a few companies, but no one was known. Mandy, as always, if someone is known to her or not, well-being and safety are her primary focus. She asked if she had anything to eat or drink, but due to her disability, she said no. She asked to provide any numbers for her neighbours or anyone she knew as she had no family. I managed to ask the lady to call one of her neighbours to give her something to eat and drink until she could establish who meant to see her after her hospital discharge. The lady begged Mandy to come and help her, and she will pay her. She reassured the lady and said, "not to worry", we can sort out your care. Mandy asked which hospital she had been discharged from the lady and called unsuccessfully many different departments, but Mandy wasn't going to give up! So she has rung the lady back and asked her to give any name or number she had from the hospital. She managed to provide someone's mobile no but stated she tried calling him but had no answer. She called the number given to her. Mandy called the number, and the number belonged to the hospital coordinator. She left a message on his phone and told the person he needed to ring me back as soon he got the message; otherwise, he would be responsible for the lady leaving home without care. In the meantime, she called the Bexley nurses, explained the situation, requested to see her urgently as her legs were weeping, and asked if they could give her something to eat and drink. All afternoon ringing around different people seemed not to get anywhere, and then Mandy received the care call from the hospital coordinator. Mandy explained what had happened, and the lady had no care since yesterday. The coordinator has told Mandy which agency is meant to be visiting her. Mandy told him its important for the lady to get the care as soon as possible and update her even the lady was not her client.

After spending all day, she managed to sort out the care for the lady. She checked with her many times in the evening to ensure that lady was ok. I received a call from the hospital coordinator that the care company would go and see her tomorrow morning, not the same evening. The lady was so grateful to Mandy and said she tried calling a few agencies, but they all said she was not known to them. Mandy went above and beyond her way to ensure she was well and safe.”

E is living with dementia, and her condition suddenly started to worsen. On the recommendation of a professional, the daughter contacted Eden Ivy Care. “Very quickly, things started falling into place,” with the proper support. Aman is one of her regular carers, which has been working with E. Due to E’s condition, she can be verbally aggressive and non-compliant with carers. Aman not only managed to manage her condition but ensured that it did not come across as intrusive. She has found different ways to work with her, and now her declining situation seems to have slowed. The daughter is absolutely no doubt she stated and said mum is in good hands and  “Thanks to all involved in her mother’s care.” E’s skin integrity and food intake are improved with Aman's right attitude and support.

New Main Road Team: “One of the PWS support (J) has very complex health needs and behaviours that challenge. J was admitted into hospital at the end of May 2022 and was discharged beginning of August 2022. Since discharge, the support staff have worked tirelessly to support J positively and ensure his health and well-being is better than ever. Due to health needs, J has input from a wide variety of professionals each needing a slightly different set of information for their own assessments so they can put in appropriate recommendations and support plans. The team has worked with all the partners in the MDT to ensure requested information is shared quickly and recommendations and updates are implemented rapidly. This has all been happening whilst staff continue to support J to ensure he is being supported to access the community and his life is packed with as many meaningful activities as he will engage with. The team has received a number of compliments from different health professionals that have come in to work with J who have commented on the team's dedication, tenacity, organisation and deep knowledge of J. J's parents are no longer together.  We work in partnership with them to facilitate staff driving J to visit the elderly father while mum visits J frequently at Main Rd.  There are also various insights that the parents have that they always share with us about J.  Although J has been in this service for 3 years, there is always new information that comes from the discussions with the parents which help us to support J better. J has been doing extremely well since his discharge due to the diligence of the staff team and openly working with all the different stakeholders including the various professionals and the family.”

“Leila's role involves caring for vulnerable clients who all have different needs. Leila has worked very hard and closely monitors all she works with. One relative has commented that Leila spotted a small blister on her mum's leg that other carers may not have noticed. The daughter called the GP result of her concerns. The lady is now having treatment. Also, seeing when she is agitated or in pain gives her reassurance and calms her down with her approach.  she is always very happy with all the staff but especially mentioned how Leila goes above and beyond for her clients.”

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