Who Are the Quality Checkers?


Quality Checkers are people with learning disabilities who want to make things better for other people that live in their own home with support.

They understand how support should be because they receive support in their own homes.

Why do they do Quality Checks?   

Quality Checkers want to help people and make sure that others get the right support to live happy and full lives.

What do they do?

They find out what people think by getting to know people. They talk to people in lots of ways. They might choose to:

  • Talk with people on the telephone
  • Talk to people in their home
  • Talk to people somewhere else where they would be happy to meet
  • Talk to someone who knows a person well with their permission

Why should you take part?

Only people that tell us they want to help will be spoken to. Taking part makes a big difference and can change lives for the better.

How do they check what people think about their home and support?


The Quality Checkers ask questions but more importantly they listen to people. They may ask people questions about:


  • Where they live
  • How they are supported
  • How things could be better

The team of Quality Checkers make sure they communicate with people clearly and in a way that suits them.


What do they do with the information they are given?


The Quality Checkers do a great job and the feedback they give helps to make sure the support people receive in their own home is the very best it can be.

How can I contact the Quality Checkers?


Telephone us on: 0208 502 3933 or 0208 303 6336

Email: hello@ambient.org.uk or qualitycheckers@bexleymencap.org.uk