BSAB Annual Report 2020-2021

Previous Years Annual Reports:

Statement from our Independent Chair Eleanor Brazil for the Annual Report 2020-2021:

A year on we are still affected by the pandemic, with continuing and new challenges to deal with. It has been a tough year for many, especially those involved in health and social care, and in providing support to those who need it.  The work of the Board has continued, mainly through virtual meetings.  We have been so impressed to hear how the whole system in Bexley has responded to the new demands.

The annual report is an opportunity to share the work of the Board more widely. We continue to focus on the experiences of individuals to bring some of the statistics to life, and to demonstrate the difference effective safeguarding activity can make to peoples’ lives. Sadly, often despite best efforts, there are a very small number of vulnerable people and those using services who experience significant harm or lose their life. We have undertaken a small number of Safeguarding Adult Reviews, with a focus on ensuring we learn lessons so support and interventions can improve.

We have all developed skills in remote working and using this, the business unit of the Board has continued to be very active in promoting learning and creating development opportunities for staff and managers throughout Bexley.  I am very grateful for all their hard work alongside the amazing efforts of all the many professional staff who work in Bexley, who have continued to provide such great care and support to many during the past year.